Generation Axe

Generation aXe was formed in the fall of 2012 by four like-

minded musicians with a love for great tunes and a penchant for

a good time. Venues from Charlotte,NC to Greenville,SC and all

points in between have come to know and love the show these

guys bring to the stage every night. One part musical virtuosity

meets one part infectious energy to create a vibe known as

RAWK. And RAWK they do! Running the gamut from the 80’s

(Skid Row, Ratt, Tesla, AC/DC) and 90’s (Alice in Chains, STP,

Pantera, White Zombie, RATM), all the way to newer bands like

Nickelback, Audioslave, and Buckcherry, Generation aXe never

skips a beat. They play songs that everybody knows and a few

no one else dares to play. You have to see the band live to fully

appreciate their craft. The energy is contagious, the sound is

precise and the mood always fun! Glen’s drumming is accurate

and dynamic, synched up perfectly to Johnny’s pulsing bass

grooves. Joey’s guitar colors the sound with equal parts flash

and melody and his emphatic stage presence is a wonder to

behold. Brian masterfully bounces between the vocal styles of

Queen and Journey to Skid Row and Alice In Chains without

missing a beat and his energy on stage is unmatched.

They’re coming to a venue near you soon. RAWKING, rolling

and ready to make you a believer! Come witness the next

Generation of aXe!

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC